Left to right Anthony Tanzi Jr., Lillian Munro, Steve Gargiulo, Martin Aponte, Kiernan Lannon, Pat Biancaniello, Noel Gish, Supervisor Patrick Vecchio, Kathleen Albrecht, JoAnn Betts, Councilwoman Lynne Nowick, Al Hornberger, Mike Donnelly, Councilman Robert Creighton, Maureen Smilow, Bradley Harris, Sabrina Shankar

The Smithtown 350 Foundation Committee

Town Historian Bradley Harris has kicked off the planning for Smithtown’s March 3, 2015, 350th Anniversary. Earlier this month Supervisor Vecchio started the process by sending a letter to Mr. Harris asking him to begin planning for a commemorative celebration.  Supervisor Vecchio encouraged Mr. Harris to form a committee and start the planning, “it is my belief that the committee would need at least one year to calculate costs, consider types of events, group participation, etc.”

Harris is already working on putting a committee together and is focusing on appropriate activities to celebrate Smithtown’s Sesquarcentennial (350th anniversary). A former teacher, Smithtown Councilman, and current Town Historian, Mr. Harris is certain the celebration should include more than a parade. “Smithtown has a rich history and its 350th anniversary provides a great opportunity to educate residents and celebrate the wonderful town in which we live.” 

There is a consensus that whatever celebratory event(s) take place, activities should include all of the hamlets this photo was found on Long Island History throughout Smithtown.

There was a 300th tricentennial celebration 50 years ago in 1965 which was very popular with residents.

Mr. Harris provided the following piece of history about Smithtown’s founder Richard Smythe.

Patrick R. Vecchio is unique in that he is the longest serving town supervisor in New York State  and has already served as Smithtown’s Town Supervisor for 10 percent of its history. 

If you have an idea as to how you would like to see Smithtown celebrate its Sesquarcentennial send them to pat@smithtownmatters.com.

Our Mission

The Smithtown 350 Foundation, Inc.  is a not-for-profit corporation that was created by residents of Smithtown, who volunteered their time and joined together to form an organization that would organize and coordinate the celebration of Smithtown’s 350th Anniversary, Smithtown’s Sesquarcentennial.  The Mission of this Foundation will be:

  •           To promote interest in Smithtown’s history by making town residents aware of Smithtown’s colorful and fascinating past
  •           To encourage participation and involvement in the celebration of Smithtown’s history by getting residents, schools, other organizations, businesses, and corporations actively involved in activities and events associated with the Sesquarcentennial Celebration of the Year 2015
  •          To promote [education through] public participation in the activities and events by creating a calendar of events for 2015, advertising and promoting those activities and events, and fundraising to help defray the cost of those events
  •           To actively promote, direct, and run activities and events on behalf of the Town of Smithtown that will include but not be limited to the Bull Smythe Run, dedication of the Statue of Richard Smythe, a Sesquarcentennial Parade, and a Fireworks Celebration.