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Mondays In March Lecture Series

Mondays in March Lecture Series - Lectures given by Town Historian Brad Harris highlighting the rich and colorful history of Smithtown - presented by the Smithtown Historical Society.

March 23rd: World War I Brings Changes to Smithtown:  The impact of WWI first came to town when James Ely Miller became the 1st American Aviator to die in combat.  Smithtown's response on the home-front included victory gardens and U.S. Bond drives.  In an effort to address the pressing needs of the war wounded, a Red Cross house was established on Main Street and a dedicated veterans unit was created at the State Hopital in Kings Park.

March 30th:  The Roaring 20's Shake up Smithtown only to have the Depression put a Strangle Hold on the Economy: Prohibition was an effort to stamp out the pernicious influence of alcohol in daily living.  However, instead, it led to rum-running and speakeasies and a general flouting of the law.  When the Stock Market crash came in 1929 it resulted in the loss of personal fortunes and caused a dramatic shift in the lives of Smithtowners.