The Smithtown 350 Foundation invites you to write a letter to your child or grandchild for inclusion in the Smithtown 350 Time Capsule.  It’s the perfect way to save a little bit of yourself for posterity and will provide your loved ones with a picture of your life and times in Smithtown. We only require that you use the template from this site to create your missive to the future.  To maximize space in the time capsule all letters will be stored unfolded, so you might want to take this into consideration when composing your message.  Download the letter template from this site, complete the required areas and start writing.  Include your return address and email in the top right-hand area marked “From”.  Provide the name, address and email of the recipient in the space marked “To”.  You can then proceed in one of two ways.

To provide you with the maximum space, you can type right into the downloaded template and if you choose, insert photos from your files.   Then email your letter to

Or if you prefer, you can print out the template and handwrite your letter. Once you have completed your letter you may send it to: The Smithtown 350 Foundation, PO Box 350, Smithtown, NY11787

Letter to the Future TEMPLATE

Remember this is your message to your loved ones.  Here are some ideas that might help you in composing your letter to the next generation.

  • Tell about your life: how you make a living, what you do for fun, your values and beliefs
  • Describe challenges you may have faced and the obstacles you may have overcome
  • Explain how you have been affected by historic events
  • Provide a description of your home 
  • Describe a favorite spot in Smithtown
  • Share a special memory of Smithtown
  • Express your hopes for your family
  • Tell what in Smithtown you would like to see changed
  • Tell what things you hope will never change
  • Give your predictions for the future